UCLA Commencement Schedule 2017

College of Letters & Science: Main Commencement Ceremony 

College of Letters & Science: Departmental Graduations 

Thursday, June 157:30 PMCollege Honors RecognitionRoyce Hall
Friday, June 164:00 PMAmerican Indian StudiesCovel Commons Grand Horizon Room
Friday, June 1612:00 PMComputational & Systems BiologyFaculty Center
Saturday, June 178:00 AMPsychology - UndergraduatePauley Pavilion
Saturday, June 179:00 AMIntegrative Biology & PhysiologyCourt of Sciences
Saturday, June 179:00 AMMolecular, Cell &
Developmental Biology
Ackerman Grand Ballroom
Saturday, June 179:00 AMSociology Wilson Plaza
Saturday, June 179:30 AMGeographyPowell Courtyard
Saturday, June 1710:00 AMInstitute for Society & GeneticsCarnesale Commons,
Palisades Room
Saturday, June 1710:00 AMChicana/o StudiesCovel Commons Grand Horizon Room
Saturday, June 1710:30 AMAtmospheric & Oceanic SciencesKerckhoff Hall,
Young Grand Salon
Saturday, June 1711:00 AMAnthropologyDickson Court North
Saturday, June 1711:30 AMAfrican American StudiesFowler Museum,
Lenart Auditorium
Saturday, June 1712:00 PMPsychology - Graduate StudiesSchoenberg Hall
Saturday, June 1712:45 PMEarth, Planetary & Space SciencesYoung Hall Patio
Saturday, June 171:00 PMHumanities I*Royce Hall
Saturday, June 172:00 PMStatisticsPowell Courtyard
Saturday, June 172:00 PMNeuroscienceAckerman Grand Ballroom
Saturday, June 173:00 PMGender StudiesCarnesale Commons,
Palisades Room
Saturday, June 173:30 PMHumanities II*Royce Hall
Saturday, June 174:00 PMInstitute for Research on Labor
& Employment 
Kerckhoff Hall,
Young Grand Salon 
Saturday, June 175:00 PMChemistry & BiochemistryCourt of Sciences
Saturday, June 175:30 PMEconomicsPauley Pavilion
Saturday, June 176:30 PMInternational Institute*Royce Hall
Sunday, June 189:00 AMEcology & Evolutionary BiologyWilson Plaza
Sunday, June 189:00 AMHistoryDickson Court North
Sunday, June 189:00 AMMathematicsCourt of Sciences
Sunday, June 189:00 AMPhysics & AstronomyAckerman Grand Ballroom
Sunday, June 189:00 AMPolitical SciencePauley Pavilion
Sunday, June 1810:00 AMMicrobiology, Immunology
& Molecular Genetics
Powell Courtyard
Sunday, June 1810:30 AMAsian American StudiesSchoenberg Hall
Sunday, June 1810:30 AMCommunication StudiesRoyce Hall
Sunday, June 1812:00 PMInstitute of the Environment &
Ackerman Grand Ballroom
Sunday, June 181:30 PMEnglishPauley Pavilion

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Professional School Ceremonies 

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Graduation-Related Student Celebrations 

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Projected Commencement Dates for 2018-2023

(All projected dates are tentative and subject to change)

2018: Friday-Sunday, June 15-17

2019: Friday-Sunday, June 14-16

2020: Friday-Sunday, June 12-14

2021: Friday-Sunday, June 11-13

2022: Friday-Sunday, June 10-12

2023: Friday-Sunday, June 16-18
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